Subsequent Injury Trust Fund (S.I.T.F.) Recovery

Stop Loss, Inc. offers S.I.T.F Recovery at the most competitive rates in Georgia. The following two fee schedules are now available to our SITF Recovery Clients:

$75 per hour, plus expenses

Stop Loss, Inc. is striving to become a leader in the SITF Recovery Field by offering our services on a time and expense basis. Time and expense billing gives all cases the attention they deserve regardless of the dollar figure at stake and the degree of difficulty. With time and expense billing your recovery dollars will go up while your costs go down. More cases will be presented for recovery instead of just the high dollar claims. Try us and compare!

10% of recovered fees

For those clients who are more comfortable with a percentage based fee schedule, we also offer our services at a flat rate of 10% of recovered amounts.

For additional information on this service, please contact Stop Loss, Inc. toll free at 1-87-STOP LOSS.

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